31 03 2010

Shoot at 6.30am infront of my sister in law house. Teluk Tempoyak, Penang.



31 03 2010

Captured by Nikon D70s during fruit seasons

Skill work

26 03 2010

As captured yesterday morning. A labourer using buffing machine to touch up something.

Nikon Coolpix P60


18 03 2010

Last week event with the simple lighting…

18 03 2010

Kids, who love to enjoy and welcome the bride last week.

Just Do It…

15 03 2010

The day that I learned something about digital camera. Nikon P60 8 megapixels.

Sugar Crisis

15 03 2010

Picture taken a few months ago when everybody busy looking for extra kilos of sugar. We take another alternative ~ breakfeast at Kamal Lodge Taiping with fans